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Vouchering More Effectively!  June 20, 2023  10am PST

California Affordable Housing Initiatives (CAHI) and CGI are pleased to extend an invitation to owners and representatives with contracts in the Performance Based Contract Administration (PBCA) portfolio to attend a web-based workshop dedicated to Vouchering. 

You’re invited to CAHI’s workshop for owners and agents on How to Voucher More Effectively!  CAHI’s vouchering subject matter expert, Linda Dominguez, will discuss how you can incorporate best practices to ensure that your monthly voucher submissions are seamless and minimize discrepancies thus ensuring prompt and accurate subsidy payments to your property.  Handling late recertifications, terminations and full cert corrections vs. insertions are just a few of the items that will be discussed.  Also, an update on 203A and the status of its implementation will be part of the agenda.

 The Slide deck use can be found here:

Vouchering Workshop June 2023


Management and Occupancy Review (MOR) training - October 21, 2022

California Affordable Housing Initiatives (CAHI) and CGI are pleased to extend an invitation to owners and representatives with contracts in the Performance Based Contract Administration (PBCA) portfolio to attend a web-based workshop dedicated to the management and occupancy review (MOR) process. 

This training will be beneficial to both newer owners and agents as well as the more seasoned professionals looking for a refresher on the MOR process. This session will cover the overall process including scheduling, the on-site review, the close out meeting, issuing of the MOR report, and mitigating any MOR deficiencies. This session will leave you with a better expectation of how your next MOR will go and will give you the tools needed to prepare for that review. CAHI and CGI will also cover common findings found during the review process which include: lead based paint, VAWA Emergency Transfer Plans, and the Affirmative Fair Housing Marketing Plan. 

This workshop is only open to members of the CAHI PBCA portfolio. When registering you must indicate a valid property name which will then be confirmed by CGI prior to sending out finalized registration information.  It is highly recommended that you register early to not miss this great learning opportunity.

The Slide deck use can be found here:

MOR Workshop 10 2022

Contract Renewals and Rent Adjustment Processing - June 22, 2022

This session was to familiarize owners and agents on the contract renewal and rent adjustment submission requirements. Complete and timely submissions received by the PBCA helps to make the process more efficient, as it cuts down on the time consuming back-and-forth communication that is sometimes needed to obtain all the necessary paperwork and to properly process the task.  Late renewals will often lead to expired contracts, which can result in vouchers not being paid for up to several months while the contract renewal is finalized.

The slide deck can be found here:

Contract Renewals and Rent Adjustments 

AHMA Workshops - September 14, 2020

CAHI assisted at the 2020 AHMA-NCH annual conference and presented on Special Claims. The slide deck that were used can be found here:


AHMA Workshops - September 10, 2019

CAHI assisted at the 2019 AHMA-NCH annual conference and presented three different sessions. The slide decks that were used can be found here:

Contract Renewals

Waiting List Management

SAVE System

AHMA Workshops - September 18 2018

CAHI assisted at the 2018 AHMA-NCH annual conference and presented two different sessions.  The slide decks that were used can be found here:

Refresher on Repayment Agreements

The MOR Process

HUD Industry Meeting - May 2018

CAHI assisted at the 2018 HUD Multifamily West Region San Francisco Asset Management Industry and presented two different sessions.  The slide decks that were used can be found here:

Special Claims Common Errors



CAHI facilitated a training session during the HUD industry training that was held on October 26, 2017.  We would like to thank those that attended the HUD industry meeting.  Click here for a copy of the Slide Deck that was used in the presentation.


A few questions had been asked during the session and the responses are below:

Question#1: Is there a place where all of the latest requirements for VAWA are consolidated?  It seems to have come out piecemeal and we want to ensure we are in compliance.
Answer:  Yes, CAHI has sought to comprehensively summarize the newer VAWA requirements in our past few newsletters.  For ease of access, please click here, here, and here.    Also HUD notice 2017-05 is available here.

Question#2:  Veteran’s Administration Aide and Attendants payments.  Is it excluded from income?  Or is it counted as income?
Answer:  See this RHIIP Archive #284.   

Question#3: There was a question on how to deal with capital gains, dividends and investment returns as they are subject to fluctuation. 
Answer:  Without reviewing the specific third party verification in question, we can only provide this general response: Follow up phone call to the issuer of the Third Party Verification for further clarification – document the tenant file.

Question#4:  A foster minor has been awarded an SSI benefit which will be given to the applicant in lieu of Foster Care benefit for the care of the minor.
Answer:  4350.3 Chap 5, 5-6Ag states all income received for foster care of children is not counted.  Be aware of a potential EIV Income Discrepancy (potential false positive).

Question#5:  Is criminal/sex offender screening required for minors?
Answer:  This would depend on the tenant selection screening criteria the O/A had developed.  The Handbook is silent on the issue but HUD notice 12-11 (V.A) states: In addition to screening adult members of the applicant’s household, HUD recommends that criminal background screening include juvenile members of the applicant’s household, to the extent allowed by state and local law.

Question #6 one question had asked about the link to the HUD security Awareness training required for EIV and/or TRACS.  Here is a link that will bring you to the correct place.  As before, the training that is required is the 'Cyber Awareness Challenge Department of Defense Version"

Question#7:Are we required to include the entire Emergency Transfer Plan into our Tenant Selection Plan?
Answer:No, the full VAWA Emergency Transfer Plan must not be included into your TSP. However, you may need to update your TSP to accommodate any changes in your application/transfer process as set by your Emergency Transfer Plan.

If you had not attended the presentation, there may be a level of confusion when reviewing the slide deck. The presentation focused on the most common findings and not having the TSP updated for VAWA provisions, as required by Change 4 of the 4350.3, is a common finding we have seen. The presenter had included a bullet-point ‘reminder’ on this slide to discuss that we will be expecting to see the full Emergency Transfer Plans beginning in Mid-December.


A Budget Based Rent Adjustment training was held on 11/16/2016 and sponsored by AHMA-NCH.  This training was for those who registered through AHMA-NCH that oversee Multi-family properties with Section 8 HAP Contracts (does not cover PRACS/811).

Industry Acronyms.pdf                  AHMA BBRA Sec8 Presentation.pdf