Energy and Water Benchmarking Assistance Opportunity Available Now    
HUD’s Office of Multifamily Housing Program’s new energy and water benchmarking service is available at no cost to owners of properties participating in eligible Multifamily project-based rental assistance programs. Funded under the Biden-Harris Administration’s landmark Inflation Reduction Act, this new service is designed to help owners understand their energy and water usage and identify where they can make upgrades for the greatest cost savings.   More than 700 properties have already signed up for the free service, with benchmarking information that can in turn be used to assess upgrades that can be funded under the Green and Resilient Retrofit Program (GRRP). Find out more about our latest GRRP awards announced today [link to press release] 
By taking advantage of this service, property owners will receive personalized support in assessing the efficiency of their buildings for up to four years. HUD’s contractor, Leidos, will support property owners and management by contacting utilities on their behalf to access the necessary energy and water use data and providing recommendations for cost and energy savings.   

Why you should participate in the Energy and Water Benchmarking Service    
The HUD Energy and Water Benchmarking Service offers a variety of benefits to participating multifamily property owners, including:  
•    Receiving an annual property analysis report with usage trends and identifying opportunities for energy and water savings in your building(s).     
•    Establishing eligibility or preparing you to make use of federal, state, and utility energy efficiency programs, such as HUD’s Multifamily Green and Resilient Retrofit Program and EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund; and    
•    Supporting early compliance with local ordinances as more localities across the country take interest in energy usage data of multifamily properties.    
Note that by opting in for benchmarking services, you’re accepting up to four years of services that will help you to upgrade your multifamily property. You’re also consenting to Leidos contacting your utility company on your property’s behalf to obtain energy and water use data to aid in performing the benchmarking.  

Contact us at to participate or to get answers to your benchmarking questions.