HUD announced the first ever FSS Annual Report survey! The purpose of this survey is to collect qualitative feedback on every Family Self-Sufficiency program in the country – funded and un-funded, PHA and PBRA. The information collected on this survey will help us to understand how PHAs and PBRA properties across the country are implementing FSS. We hope that this will allow us to highlight best practices, identify areas for improvement, and overall, to describe what FSS looks like across different programs. This survey is not requesting any quantitative data that is reported on the Multifamily Annual Report. This is your chance to tell us what your policies are, what’s working and what needs to change. We will compile the responses into a report for Congress and will share back with you as well.  
We ask that every PHA and PBRA owner operating an FSS program complete this survey, whether or not you receive HUD funding for your program. Please coordinate internally so you only send one response.  
Please respond by March 15, 2024. The survey should take no more than an hour.  You can go to the survey by clicking the button below. 
PBRA properties with FSS programs will also need to submit the Multifamily Annual Report using the Multifamily Reporting Tool, which can be found on the FSS Program webpage under “Reporting/Monitoring.” Instructions on how to submit the Multifamily Annual Report will be sent out to FSS properties in March.
Please note – this is NOT for individuals who are (or are not) participants in the FSS program.     

Click here to complete the Annual Report Survey.