June 22, 2022  10am PST

California Affordable Housing Initiatives (CAHI) and CGI are pleased to extend an invitation to owners and representatives of contracts in the Performance Based Contract Administration (PBCA) portfolio to attend a web-based workshop dedicated to processing contract renewals and rent adjustments.

This training will be beneficial for both newer owners and agents as well as the more seasoned professionals looking for a refresher and are responsible for submitting contract renewals and rent adjustments to the PBCA. This session will cover the various option types, timelines, and required documentation for each submission.  The goal of this session is to familiarize owners and agents on the contract renewal and rent adjustment submission requirements. Complete and timely submissions received by the PBCA helps to make the process more efficient, as it cuts down on the time consuming back-and-forth communication that is sometimes needed to obtain all the necessary paperwork and to properly process the task.  Late renewals will often lead to expired contracts, which can result in vouchers not being paid for up to several months while the contract renewal is finalized.

This workshop is only open to members of the CAHI PBCA portfolio. When registering you must indicate a valid property name. We will validate this information prior to sending out finalized registration information.

This training is offered virtually via webinar and there are limited Spaces available.  To attend this training you will need to have a computer or mobile device that can access a web browser and play audio.

Please Register for the session here