TKC - Frequently Asked Questions

What is VAWA?

VAWA is the Violence Against Womens Act. It offers certain protections to families applying for or receiving rental assistance payments under the project-based Section 8 program. 

In general, the law protects against eviction or termination of assistance for victims of domestic violence, dating violence or stalking.  The law also provides that an incident of actual or threatened domestic violence, dating violence or stalking does not qualify as a serious or repeated violation of the lease nor does it constitute good cause for terminating the assistance, tenancy, or occupancy rights of the victim.  Additionally, criminal activity directly relating to domestic violence, dating violence or stalking is not grounds for terminating the victim’s tenancy. 

O/As may bifurcate a lease in order to evict, remove, or terminate the assistance of the offender while allowing the victim, who is a tenant or lawful occupant, to remain in the unit.