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Joyce O'Shea - Contract Administrator
Charles Young - State Contracts Manager
Contact Center
Andrea Pitts-Hampston - Customer Relations Manager
Kathryn Baranek - Customer Relations Specialist
Anna Stewart - Customer Relations Specialist
Jennifer Strawser - Customer Relations Specialist
Asset Management - Ann Ninh
Ann Ninh - Asset Manager
Juan Martinez - Contract Specialist
Yolanda Brown - Contract Specialist
Cynthia Colvin - Contract Specialist
Asset Management - Darline Burrell
Darline Burrell - Asset Manager
Tamikia Johnson - Contract Specialist
Shannon Haire - Contract Specialist
Alicia Miranda Emerson - Contract Specialist
Zbig Mrozek - Contract Specialist
Local Services Management - Paul Rabuy
Paul Rabuy - Manager of Local Services
Kechia Barron - Local Contract Specialist
Carole Blackford - Local Contract Specialist
Holly Schroeder - Local Contract Specialist
Victor Wong - Local Contract Specialist
Priscilla De La Cruz - Local Contract Specialist
Tenia Decuire - Local Contract Specialist
Amber Kaplan - Local Contract Specialist
Quality Assurance
La Cresha Horace-Henry - Quality Assurance Specialist
Qianyu Jiang - Quality Assurance Specialist
Allison Dickerson - Accounting Manager
Roxanna Pham - Accounting Specialist
Brian Ried - Accounting Specialist
Training and Compliance
Christine Fitzpatrick - Training and Compliance Manager

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