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CAHI Centralized Email Address for Electronic Submissions

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

CAHI and CGI strongly encourage owners and agents to email via pdf: Rent Adjustment requests, Contract Renewal requests, voucher hardcopies, special claim submissions, any additional follow up documentation requested by CAHI for those processes, any signed copy of your Attachment 3a, HAP Contract, or Rent Schedule. The only exception is the Standard Form 1199-A (Direct Deposit Sign-up Form). An original signed document must be mailed to CAHI.

If you choose to email it, please send it directly to (or you may cc this address as well) signeddocs@cgifederal.com, and you should still include your Contract Specialist’s email as well.  A list of our staff can be found here: http://cahi.cgigovt.local/Staff.aspxSending it to signeddocs@cgifederal.com will allow CAHI to route your information for proper and timely processing.

An optional coversheet is available here: OA Transmittal that you may use to further assist CAHI in processing your information efficiently.



If you choose to email your executed documents it is not necessary to mail an original signed document separately.  If you would rather not email documents, you may still send these documents via US mail, FedEx, UPS, fax or courier and they will be processed accordingly.





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