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Government Shutdown - Voucher Payments

Thursday, January 10, 2019

“CAHI is sharing this information published by NLHA as of 1/10/19: 


If your property is not receiving payment or is experiencing an emergency situation and has a Reserve for Replacement account subject to HUD oversight, you may request to utilize those funds to pay property operating expenses.    


To ensure your request is promptly processed during the shutdown period, please complete form HUD-9250 and submit via email to the Asset Management Division Director of your assigned HUD field office. The form must include the current balance in the account, a withdrawal amount, and the remaining balance. It should also include a statement confirming that the released funds will be reimbursed to the reserve for replacement account once HUD appropriations funding is restored.


For properties in CAHI’s portfolio, you should direct your request to Janea Jackson - Janea.J.Jackson@hud.gov


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