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LOCAS is Back!

Friday, June 19, 2015

CAHI is pleased to announce the return of our on-site Leasing & Occupancy Compliance Assessment Services! These services are offered free of charge and are provided by the same knowledgeable, experienced reviewers that you have built relationships with over the past several years. 


A Compliance Assessment may include the following Leasing and Occupancy topics:

  • Assessment of a sample of MI and AR files;
  • File Organization;
  • Review of Tenant Selection Plan, Waiting List, Application;
  • EIV Policies and Procedures;
  • Vouchering (common issues and processes);
  • Repayment Agreements

 If you are interested, please contact Priscilla De La Cruz at Priscilla.de.la.cruz@cgifederal.com or (916) 830-1187. CAHI will work with you to design a Compliance Assessment to meet your specific needs.


Because CAHI values your input and suggestions, we request that you consider completing our brief LOCAS Survey. The results of the survey will greatly assist us in developing key areas of assessment to be made available.


Please keep in mind that the survey is simply a request for you to provide a general direction for us to follow; it does not obligate you to accept these services. If your organization does opt for onsite assessment services, an individualized program will be created with your input.

Contact Center: 800 982-5221, TTY-800-735-2929, Spanish TTY-800-855-3000
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