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Implementation of HUD Notice 2012-14, Residual Receipts Offset

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

HUD Notice 2012-14, issued on August 3, 2012, requires owners to offset housing assistance payments using balances in residual receipts accounts that are in excess of $250 per unit. If your property has been identified as being affected by this notice, you will receive a notification letter from CAHI which will identify 1) the amount (as provided by HUD) in your residual receipts account that is available for the offset and 2) your 202 monthly loan offset amount, if applicable.

Note that you may have already been contacted by HUD to collect and confirm amounts in the last few weeks.

The adjustment process will begin with the December 2012 voucher payment, following the procedures outlined below:

  1. Submit your voucher to CAHI as normal.
  2. CAHI will process your voucher, identify any discrepancies with certifications or adjustments and send you a draft as normal.
    1. It is important that you DO NOT make any further adjustments on your voucher to the RR offset you have already submitted.
  3. When CAHI finalizes your payment, we will make a manual adjustment to use as much of your residual receipts as possible but will ensure the final voucher amount is no less than the 202 offset, if any.
  4. HUD will prepare your form HUD-9250.

If your residual receipts balance exceeds your monthly HAP payment, this process will be repeated each month until the amount to be recaptured is fully attained. If you fail to include the manual adjustment on your voucher, CAHI will still process a manual adjustment to account for any amounts provided to us by the local HUD office. 

To assure that your residual receipt amounts are available as early as possible, CAHI encourages you to submit your voucher early in the month and to address any discrepancies promptly.

Please contact your CAHI Central Contract Specialist if you have questions regarding this procedure. A listing of our staff, including contact information, can be found here: CAHI Staff Directory.

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